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Stretch Limousine Service Vaughan | Toronto

Enhance your Special day with our Vaughan stretch Limousine to make it extra special. When you book a limousine with us you can expect a memory of a lifetime.

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5-Star Reviews

5 Star Reviews on Google. Although a lot of our costumers and clients get to us by word of mouth, we do have high ratings on google with 5 stars from most of our clients.

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Unique Interiors

You can expect to be impressed not only with a friendly and caring Chauffeurs services but also with high class modern stretch Limo interiors.

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Service Excellence

Your Chauffeur will make sure He is there for you when ready for you next destination. With a smile and Limo door open, You and Your Family/Friends Can enjoy the Positive Karma Till the last minute of your celebration and beyond.

Limousine Services

Here is a List of the services we provide for our full limo services. Most of our Stretch Limo Fleet in Toronto and Vaughan has Fresh New Luxury Limos.

A Memory To Cherish

We understand how important your special occasion is, weather if its a Wedding Limousine you need or a limo for bachelorette party or a bachelors party, a Limo for your upcoming Birthday, Limo for prom or a Vaughan limousine for your corporate event, we got it all and we know the formula to make it a life time memory.

When it comes to travel between locations have all your Family and friends close by in the same ride. Drink, socialize and build up the excitement while heading to your destination. Make every Stretch Limousine ride in Toronto and Vaughan an event of its own.

Why a Stretch Limousine services? Toronto and most of the GTA is known for its traffic and its long distances in between locations and venues. Sometimes it seems like a long way to go because of the travel time and the party spirit might be compromised.

Why loose the excitement when you can just keep building it up. Imagine staying in one big group, traveling together, listing to your favorite music and keep drinking and socializing. Keeping your mind on hanging out and having a Great time in an upscale enjoyment while your Stretch Limo Chauffeur takes care of all the road traffic for you and your friends.

Roads and traffic rides have never being so fun, with our Limousine Toronto service you would wish the traffic was heavier and your limo ride Longer.

Arthur Kogan

Real Estate Specialist

No Wonder its The WOW limo in their Logo. Brand New limousines and mind blowing interiors. If you want to impress your Friends or Bride and her Family, This is the Stretch Limo Company to go with

Art P

Marketing Specialist

Always a pleasure to work with. Friendly and fast. Rates are affordable and cars are always clean.

Enhance My Celebration and Make It a Memory of A Lifetime!

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Wedding Limousine

We understand how important Your Wedding day is. You want everything to be perfect. The flowers. The dress or suit, your shoes and most important your over all appearance. What better way to show to your party then in a Stunning Shining Beautiful ride full of friends and family. With our Shiny Stretch Limo Service your wedding day will better then you expect.

Think about it, in the morning the bride prepare for the wedding. Bride puts of her Dress and Jewellery and have her hair done. The Wedding videographer capture all those wonderful moments and just when you think the footage cant get any better a Luxury Bright shiny Stretch Limousine shows up in front of your house. It has flowers decoration on its pearl white hood and the sun rays reflected from the limos shiny chrome rims brightens the whole scene, brighter then the wedding photographers flashes.

Suddenly your hear your Friends and siblings saying “WWWwwwooooowww”, your parents simply smile looking at the Stretch limousine. This moment itself is just the beginning. Your Wedding Video and Wedding photography will be enhanced with your exotic Wedding ride. Most of our Stretch Limo Fleet in Toronto and Vaughan has Fresh New Luxury Limos, Your Wedding photographer would love our Wedding limousine as well, because they all come pre photoshoped )

Bachlorette & Bachelor’s Party Toronto

Getting all your Girlfriends or guy friends in one place is a mission on its own. ok, so they all gathered in and you just done the pre drink, you all happy and excited, what next? Now you need a ride to the next destination. a club or a venue of your choice. You can call a taxi or Uber and get a small regular ride with a driver who is not aware of your celebration who might not be willing to deal with your slightly intoxicated friends.

If you have more then 3 people the ride will be crowded and there might not be enough space for all your friends and you will need to get another ride and then wait for that other ride, slowly the party atmosphere just sinks and you slowly but surly begin to get sober and your driver is not allowing you to drink in his car, his not in the mood to keep your party going.

Your Bachelorette or bachelor’s party ended right there, sad story. On the other hand your true friends decide to surprise you with a limousine ride to transport the whole crew from your home to the next location. From venue to venue you and your Friends keep the alcohol level and the excitement as it builds up.

With every moment your party gets better and better and as your friends might get even more tipsy your chauffeur completely understands you and your party mood and supports you and your friends. you have a Luxury noticeable ride waiting for you at each location and with one text or call your Stretch Limo will be at the doors of the venue ready to pick you. Our chauffeurs are fit and understand your event and your party mood. Our Chauffeurs can help you carry gifts, souvenirs and even your friends (up to 180 LB) on his own, one at a time.

Prom graduation Stretch Limo

Not enough people understand the importance of your Prom night, We Do. Your Prom night is the final moment of the final chapter of your high school years. your prom will be talked about for years after. as years pass by each time you meet your school friends you haven’t seen for ages or meet with old classmates there will always be one topics that emerge to your conversation and shared memories, your Prom night Party.

Roadside Assistance

When we need Vaughan Towing or Richmond hill Towing service we contact Vaughan tow truck to help us with all our towing and roadside assistance needs.

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