Here you will find all information business related for Owner and Operator

Prices for Limo services:
– minimum of $300.00 for pick up, delivery and transportation back home. We start with minimum $400.00 and then discount if needed. Try not to give discounts on Saturdays. or just 3 hours for $300-$400
– wedding packages $800 for 5 hours is on the high end, be generous in slow times.
– Same about every hour after the first 5.
– mention about 15-20% gratitude (tip) and taxes only when talking with costumer, not online.
– We are not allowed to sell alcohol. only one complimentary champagne bottle.

How Drivers Usually fuck up

  1. Being Late
  2. Don’t dress proper
  3. Speeding
  4. Talk too much

Limo Company Expanses
1. Leasing we will take a 5 year lease with monthly payments of $1395.00 with a down payment of $8000 (plus HST) and first and last payment (1395*2=2790) plus HST. and one time payment for lease set up of $195 lease and lien registration.
note: buy back after 60 months will be $8000 and we can pay more money every month to speed things up.
2. insurance $500-$650
joining another limo company policy will keep it at the low end. plus we can network between each-other for 20% per a referral. Owner of the partner limo company wants 1st and last month of insurance up front, Approximately $1200. Plus $600 deposit and $50 for 407 transponder. located on Jane and langstaff and will have his own Detailing shop there as well.
3. Gas Approx $500-$1000 depending on the amount of driving
4. Drivers 20-25 per hours most of the time free because Pedro will be driving
5. Detailing will make a deal with nick for this. $$$ TBA
6. Marketing Arthur (me) will be doing the marketing most of the time so it will be a whole sale price for us. the ads them salves will cost an amount we will find out soon as we lunching the ads next week and see how much work we can get.
7. Double sided Business Cards will cost about $100 plus design probably another $150
8. Registrating a corporation Approx $575
9. Open Bank account FREE
10. Rust Proof The Limousine $500

so expanses so far are:
Down payment $8000
First last month of leasing $2790
Lease and lien registration $195
Insurance first & Last month $1200 plus 600 Deposit plus $50 for 407 device
Gas money $500
Drivers – Pedro drive for free
Money for detailing – we can come up after first job
Marketing – Arthur market for free and use his own money for ads, after first job gets reimbursed for cost of ads only before split.
Business Cards $250
Corporation registration and name search $575

sub total = 14,465
tax = 1,880.45
Total = 16,354.45

Then why each one of us needs $8500? Because its always a good idea to have money in the bank for unexpected events, at least $400.00.

By The Way does your dad knows yet we going to be parking it at his house??
Time to share this with Senior Hushtip :)

Keep in mind
1. need your credit score for John Leroia leasing.
2. need to provide your drivers abstract to Nick for insurance.
3. better Photos from your limo guy required to push his limos on my site. ask him when can i come by with my pro camera to make better photos. he will have copy of them as well.

Limousine partnership planes

Plane A

All expenses 50/50 all profits 50/50

Arthur responsibility is marketing and getting the phone to ring

Pedram responsibility driving the limo.

  • As the main driver, Pedram will not receive money for driving the stretch limousine but When ever pedram is finding costumers that will pay Undiscounted rates (minimum $400 and not a dollar less), pedram will receive 20% commission to himself and the rest will be on a 50/50 split
  • As marketing manager Arthur will not receive commission on any profits but will be paid hourly rate (premium market rates) for driving the stretch limo when needed (in addition to the 50/50 split of the remaining profits).

Plan B

  • both Arthur and pedram drive limo and do not get paid for driving. All referrals are subject to 20% commission to the finding party. 
  • All profits split 50/50
  • All expenses split 50/50