• create a lead capture box – “Get up to 50% off regular prices. draw once a month. fill in your E mail to participate”. And a box for visitors to type in their e mails.
  • change the main page image from chrysler 300 to lincoln MKT
  • site should have a floating button “Book Now” and “Call Us” on mobile and on desktop should also have the Menu bar floating like on – https://www.reliancenygroup.com/ and on the bottom should have same “request call back” form.
  • Fleet Page: should look like this- https://www.reliancenygroup.com/nyc-limo-fleet/. i need to be able to add the limos myself. when the limo is selected with button “Details” that is near each limo. the limo details page should look like this- https://www.reliancenygroup.com/limosine-showroom/10-passenger-lincoln-mkt/
  • on https://torontoandvaughanlimo.com/stretch_limo_rates/ Should look like – https://www.reliancenygroup.com/day-rates/
  • Create business card design. on the front it should have a limo from the out side and say “Wow Limousines, Making your memories brighter” “Arthur Kogan – Booking & Availability” my phone number, e mail and website. im including the photo of the white limo. i want it to be same style as the on i this Image:
  • replace the pink limo with this image:

  • please remove the gold circle from rear window
  • Keep the coloured circles below the vehicle
  • maybe even make it vector like on the example

Arthur Kogan – Booking & Availability 6479892243

  • back of the business card photo of limo from inside:
  • Remove water marks or buy image
  • only text for the back of the card should be “Because you live only once”.
  • on mobile all header images look a bit off. example is below. please take care of it.
  • Create Article section and integrate it to look nice with site design.
  • Add booking option

The overlapping text field is “number of passengers”

  • have option “Online Payment” like- http://amitax.ca/ (click the credit car icon)